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Wind Damaged Roof or Gutters?

If you've noticed pieces from your home's roof laying around the yard, you need to address the damage as soon as possible. Wind gusts of 70mph and higher have been recorded for most of the Central Kentucky area in 2023. Inevitably, many roofs are going to suffer damage during that time. In some cases, the damage is very minor and only requires a repair. However, your roof protects your most valuable asset. With that in mind, you might want to file an insurance claim to make sure your damaged roof is completely restored. Here are a few steps to help with the process of repairing your roof:

Assess the damage: The first thing you will need to do is take photos. Snap a few pics of any debris that fell to the ground and of any sections that look damaged. Keep in mind, just because you may not have shingles on the ground that doesn't mean no damage occurred. There could be cracked or lifted shingles that could allow leaks to occur and also reduce the life of your roof. No need to climb on the roof (please don't) and if you have a drone that would be ideal.

What about your gutters?: Severe wind blows debris including limbs, shingles and even knocks down a tree in some cases. Don't forget that your gutters may also suffer damage from flying debris and need attention. Remember that Showplace Roofing also specializes in gutter installation and repairs.

Beware of "storm-chasers": You may be solicited by someone claiming to represent an insurance company, adjustor or roofing company. Many times these are out-of-town companies looking to make a quick buck. Be sure not to sign any documents they produce that might bind you in any way. Shop local is my advice and contact your insurance agent on your own terms.

Contact your agent: Notify your insurance agent about the event and provide them with any photos or video you have. Ask them to send an adjuster to your home to inspect the damage. Be sure to point out to the adjuster any damage you've noted and let them know what concerns you have. The adjustor is most likely a third party hired by the insurance company to assess your damage.

Call a roofing company: As noted above, I would recommend using a local service because local=accountable. Your local roofing company relies on word of mouth and positive reviews for success. At Showplace Roofing we want our community to like us and refer friends and family. Therefore, we will make sure you are completely happy with your repair or replacement before we move on to another job site.

I hope this information helps you get started with some knowledge of how the process works to restore your roof. I also hope that you will call us at Showplace Roofing for any roofing, gutter or leaf protection needs you may have now or in the future.

Scott Cole, President & Owner

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